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February 19, 2015
Mountains, Lakes and the Finest Cumberland Sausage
March 29, 2015


ed fringe map

We are making a show about human cartography. So, this got us thinking about the stories and memories that already exist at the Edinburgh Fringe, from the years and years of artists audiences and weirdo’s that graced the Mile. We’re adding our moments, but we would like to hear from the rest of the Fringe Community.

If you want to add to this collection of stories and nostalgia, Tweet, email or pigeon carrier your favourite spot of Edinburgh to us. Maybe it’s where your show is, where you can get the best coffee, or where you kissed one of the girls from Lady Boys of Bangkok.

We are adding as many as possible to an illustrated map of Edinburgh that will hold the the collective stories of fascinating theatre makers, artists and performers. We’re very excited to hear all about your antics! The map is already under construction, and we are hoping to unveil it in July.

Email info@fbt.nation.adyx.co.uk // Tweet @FlickbookTC or use #GreatFringeMap.

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