Three Words

On a beach in Lincolnshire an old man struggles to hold together fragments of his former life, youthful folly, films, faces, songs are flicking through his frantic mind. He is piecing together something that resembles a life, a life that is half remembered, half fictitious, but entirely his.

There are thousands of songs with love in the title, hundreds of films, it is in almost every story ever told. Three Words is about love, about burning passion, heartbreak, companionship and contentment.

We started making Three Words as our first full length show while still at University, devising a long series of sketches about awkward encounters, first kisses, one night stands, tearful goodbyes and much, much more. The original show was inspired by contemporary theatre and stand-up comedy, with the aim of not merely representing but evoking the emotions that surround love.

What started out as a manifesto for vibrant, innovative theatre has become a bittersweet story concerned with the inner workings of love and the fleeting nature of a human life. An intimate look at real life romance and the clichés that surround it, told from single perspective but with inclusivity a it’s heart.

First performed in May 2014, it’s has been revived twice at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre with improved music and new material. Three Words is currently being re-developed for touring in the future.