In March 2016 we took part in the Our Lincolnshire project where we worked for 6 weeks in two local towns: Louth and Grantham. The aim was to create performances in (and where possible, with) the community that celebrated heritage and history of each location. Here is what happened in Louth:

We compiled 6 weeks of interviews with local people to create an interactive exhibition that allowed the audience to explore their heritage and to take control of their town’s future. We played audio clips of the townsfolks feelings about Louth’s past and present and then allowed the audience to explore five different interactive stations.

1. Town Planner: A large map of Louth could be marked by the audience with red flags to mark places for demolition, brown flags to make improvements and hearts to highlight favourite places.

2. Mayor for a day: Each member of the audience received 10 wooden sticks (a pot of money) to spend on 6 different causes that the public flagged up as local issues when speaking with us. These were: roads and transport, Arts projects and culture, industry, supporting local shops, facilities for young people and restoration and preservation of local heritage.

3. ‘A foo Linkinsher wods’: Peter and Alan from the Lincolnshire Dialect Society shared some local words and phrases with the audience from their stand which contained historical texts, local poems and stories written in the dialect. Peter rounded off the evening with a few readings of his own dialect poetry and some other significant publications by local people.

4. Flickbook Loves Louth: We shared a video with the audience of our own Louth adventures which included visits to the towns hotspots and little gems that we had discovered over the 6 weeks.

5. Reflections: After exploring our stations, perusing the art gallery of local photographers work and indulging in some cake, we invited the audience to write their reflections on the project on a mirror.