Commissioned by The Lincoln Company to bring up to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015, we started work on Cartography- a show that emerged from several months of map, heart and Italian accent research. We started devising in April 2015 and had the first version ready for the festival. Since, we have extended the show and embarked on a small national tour in 2016. .

Unfortunately, we still can’t fold a map quickly.

A tattered map. Outdated, well-loved, and a nightmare to fold. Sarah is busy dying, counting down her heartbeats until her untimely death. She is studying maps of places she never intends to go. John is driven to travel by the need to be someone interesting. He is drawing lines across continents, counting the borders he'll cross and the cities he'll see. Both are looking for a future when they meet each other. Through song, string and a bright red anorak, this is a show that asks if we'll know happiness when we get there.

Our Tour Dates 2015-2016:
26th November, Theatre Deli Sheffield
27th November, Theatre Deli Sheffield
28th November, Theatre Deli Sheffield
12th February, Leadenham Village Hall
31st March, Margate Theatre Royal
6th April, Oxford Playhouse
7th April, Oxford Playhouse

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