People we like

This is  a list of some of the people we think are generally pretty brilliant and some links to their work.

Graphic Designers

James "Jazz" Zamyslianskyj

Jazz worked with on some of our very first images and helped to set up our social media, he was also in the unenviable position of seeing Three Words on an almost weekly basis for a while.

Hannah "Phiz" Phizacklea

This talented designer illustrated the beautiful images we project during Cartography, on the trusty OHP. There's a possibility she uses modern day witch craft to be so brilliant at so many things. You can find more of her work here.

Kaarin Wall

Kaarin is the brilliant designer behind the posters, flyers, programmes for Three Words, since then she has been amazing for helping us figure out our design quandaries.

Lynton Wall Palmer

Lynton designed our current logo and is the mastermind behind our Cartography images. He is often takes pity on us before a print deadline and generally makes us look good.

Graham Tyers

Graham has single-handedly designed and delivered this entire website. He is also always there for any of our IT questions, and seems to have truly immense resorces of patience. In short he is the best.

Theatre People

Dr. Craig Morrow

Craig and The Lincoln Performing Arts Centre have been incredible for supporting our work, from the very first moment we decided we would make theatre. He also runs a brilliant venue and an incredible programme you can find here.

Simon Hollingworth

Simon is a brilliant producer working around the country, he is one of the best advocates for our work and an excellent resource for answering our stupid questions. You can find Simon's Website here.

Proto-type Theater

Proto-type Theater are a leading contemporary theatre company. They’ve been mentoring us officially since April 2014 and unofficially for far longer. They’re work is incredible and you can find out more here.

Michael Pinchbeck

Michael Pinchbeck is a theatre maker, playwright and lecturer. He is also one of the brains behind Hatch in Nottingham. He’s supported us to take our work out into the East Midlands and the Edinburgh Fringe, and is always on hand to say reassuring, poetic things. More on his work here.

Lincoln Cultural & Arts Partnership

LCAP is leading the way in making the very best of Lincoln’s cultural sector, they run workshops, networking events and are always open to cup of tea and a chat about our plans. You can find out more about their programme here.