March 26, 2015
Proto-type Mentorship
July 1, 2015

Mountains, Lakes and the Finest Cumberland Sausage

Sam and Pheebs Seathwaite

With aching legs, wind-blasted hair and mystery sunburn, we piled into a pub in Keswick town after our second day up in the mountains. We drank Cider, we tried to drink real ale, and we ate a Cumberland sausage the size of my face.

We know that John and Sarah, our protagonists in Cartography, go up to Cumbria to climb the tallest mountain in England, Scafell Pike. What we didn’t know, was that due to our first hand experience of failing to climb the highest mountain in England, neither do John and Sarah.

We also found out that John was probably wearing jeans and brand new boots that gave him blisters. And Sarah, despite being thoroughly prepared for the hiking, was not prepared for her car to struggle up a hill, stall, and then roll back down, narrowly avoiding a vertical drop off a cliff if she had swerved to the right.

This is what they call a ‘research trip’.

Before we left Keswick, we also stopped by at Theatre by the Lake to meet Patric Gilchrist. An absolutely beautiful theatre, with an even more beautiful view. Huge thank you for being so accommodating!

So, we think Sarah might end up going to India… Research trip part 2 guys?

Phoebe x

P.S, follow this link to take part in The Great Fringe Map!

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