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April 2, 2018
Announcing Recipients of our Float Your Boat Fund
April 10, 2020

Flickbook’s Float Your Boat Fund

Image Above: Alice Dale

Flickbook Theatre are ready to start anew. We have been working together since graduating in 2014, and for 6 years have found our way through devising, touring, Fringe, funding and making some seriously joyous theatre. This has been down to determination and a whole lot of support from our mentors, friends and family. We want to say a huge thank you to them.

Flickbook has got us to exactly where we want to be, but for the moment we don’t feel we need to be a business. We just want to be Flickbook, and make theatre when it calls us.

So, we have decided to pay forward our savings to artists and companies that really need it. We know all too well how hard it is to make things happen without some cash on the table – though we can’t offer a lot, we hope this might be the little bit you need to help you on your way. Perhaps you’re struggling for some match funding, or need some seed money to get an idea going. You might be an independent director, producer or facilitator, and need some cash for training and development. Click below or scroll down for more info…

Please click here to download full details of the call out

Cartography, 2015. Photo by Phil Crow


That’s right!

  • There are two £1000 pots of cash to go to two companies or collectives. This could be for match funding, overheads, start up fees or go & sees. It’s completely up to you. 
  • There is one £500 pot for an independent artist or creative practitioner (Solo performers, directors, producers, dramaturgs, facilitators etc) to develop your practice. This could be to put towards a training course, launch your website, match funding for a solo piece of theatre or support expenses to shadow an experienced director. Again, it’s completely up to you.

How to Apply:

Please send no more than 500 words, or a video of no more than 5 minutes (via vimeo or private YouTube link – not a video file) to, with your answer to this this question:

How will this cash support you or your company’s work? 

We are looking to see details of how this will genuinely support your artistic or professional practice. We’ll be excited to hear about your enthusiasm for your work and the difference it will make for you. If there is a specific project or idea that this money will support, please share details of this too. The deadline is 5pm, Monday 9 March 2020.

Criteria for £1000 pots for companies and collectives:

  • You must be based (or majority of members based) in the East Midlands. 
  • The company or collective must be made up of two or more people. 
  • As Flickbook’s specialism is devised theatre and performance, we are looking for companies/collectives that have a theatre focus, but the work may include other disciplines. 
  • Company’s or collectives at any stage of their career can apply
  • A member (or members) of the company are also eligible to apply for the £500 pot for independent artists and creative practitioners. This must be a separate application which demonstrates how the money will support them as an independent artist or creative practitioner. 

Criteria for £500 pot for independent artists & creative practitioners: 

  • The individual must be based in the East Midlands 
  • As Flickbook’s specialism is devised theatre and performance, this fund is open to creative practitioners that work with or for the theatre sector in any capacity. 
  • Individuals at any stage of their career can apply 
  • If you are a member of a company or collective, they are also eligible to apply for the £1000 pots above. This must be a separate application which demonstrates how the money will support the company or collective’s work.

Details, terms and dates:

  • Deadline: 5pm, Monday 9 March 2020
  • Please include details of your name or company name, where you are based and a phone number to contact you on.
  • Following shortlisting we may be in touch asking for further details
  • All applicants will be contacted by Friday 27 March 2020 following selection.
  • Written and filmed applications will be watched and read by the four members of Flickbook Theatre: Becky Tyers, Jozey Wade, Tom Briggs and Phoebe Wall-Palmer.
  • We are particularly interested to hear from individuals that identify as, and company’s that are BAME, LGBTQIA+ and disability led, as they are currently underrepresented in the industry. 
  • If you have any access needs, require another way to submit your 500 words or video, or have any general questions, please get in touch with Phoebe
  • Please note all applicants must be able to receive funds in full, if they are successful, before 1 June 2020.

Please click here to download full details of the call out

Three Words, 2014. Photo by Phil Crow

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