Flickbook’s Float Your Boat Fund
February 14, 2020

Announcing Recipients of our Float Your Boat Fund

In February we launched a fund for East Midlands artists, using our savings to offer some no-strings attached bursaries to companies and independent practitioners who really need it.

Covid-19 has undoubtedly shaken the theatre industry and our small fund seemed to carry a bit more weight as we saw our peers and friends really wonder what the next few months would look like.

We are all so chuffed to have received such a broad range of applications that made our decision making incredibly difficult! We want to thank all of those that have taken the time to apply and share a piece of their work and passion with us.

We are so pleased to announce the three recipients of our Float Your Boat bursaries – we really felt each one would benefit from a small cash injection to help them along, that perhaps other funding streams couldn’t offer…

Firstly our indie practitioner, receiving £500…

Louisa Sanfey

Louisa is a Derby based theatre maker, director & dramaturg, working in new writing and devised work.

We were all so excited by Louisa’s application; her passion was palpable and it felt like our bursary would really make a difference in enabling her to carve out time to properly work on some projects that have been bubbling away. We’re really excited to see what comes out of that dedicated time.

Our two companies, receiving £1000 each…

Major Labia

Major Labia are a comedy collective of four women based in Nottingham – our bursary will help them get into a room together (when it is of course safe to do so!) and find a new way of working after having a great set-back in recent times.

We are really excited by the work they make and can’t wait to see what comes out of having some quality time together.

Image: Pamela Raith

Egg Box Theatre

Egg Box Theatre, based in Lincoln, are passionate about giving children their first experiences of theatre.

Egg Box have applied to us to support them in making a new show that is open and accessible to children with additional needs. After taking a break in the last year, we were excited to give them a hand to get going again with this important work.

Image: Michael Aiden Photography

Congratulations to Egg Box, Major Labia and Louisa Sanfey! Thanks again to all those that applied. We are wishing everyone strength and solidarity to get through this very strange time. Love from Flickbook xxx

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